Curing Fears with Video Games?

For patients suffering from severe phobias, virtual reality has become an extremely effective tool to help them overcome their fear(s). In a British study conducted at Oxford University, a virtual coach guided forty-nine participants with acrophobia, an extreme fear of heights, through a ten-story building with a large atrium at its center. They were encouraged to venture outside of their comfort zone and instructed to perform tasks that challenged their anxiety. Beginning with simple acts such as standing at the edge of a balcony or dropping a ball and watching it fall to the ground, patients gradually took on more difficult and nerve-wracking challenges.

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Immunotherapy Success for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

A large leap forward on the front of breast cancer has been discovered by the research from St. Mary’s University in London and Bartholomew’s hospital. Triple-negative breast cancer mostly affects women between the ages of forty to fifty, causing death if the illness spreads to other parts of the body in twelve to fifteen months. It is generally diagnosed from the absence of three receptors: estrogen, progesterone, and the epidermal receptor. This type of cancer is known to be extremely aggressive, with many treatments proving ineffective towards their goal.

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WHS Gives Back 2018

Sgt. Perenick


Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer