Best Courses at Winchester High School

Drama: “The fact that Drama combines different disciplines makes it so worthwhile,” says current student Jennifer Kim. “The fact that I can embody someone else, see their perspective, analyze texts, and explore different historical and current scenarios also adds to the fun.”

Competitive Robotics: “Because of the commitment that it takes to join this after school class, the people who are there are all super dedicated to the club/class. Everyone wants to be there,” comments senior Jennifer Kim. “Also the collaborative atmosphere and the enthusiasm exuded by the members makes it a community.”

Anything With Ms. Pickett: “Learning multiple perspectives makes classes with her special,” comments senior Ethan Wong. “Although her classes are certainly demanding, her enthusiasm and lessons made it worthwhile, as in her classes I am able to delve deeper into subjects than I thought was humanly possible.”

Creative Writing: My (Tommy Bellaire’s) personal favorite course at Winchester High School is creative writing. Mr. Miles, my teacher, brings such an enthusiasm and creative spirit that fosters growth not only in the weirdness of your ideas, but in the depth and intricacies of your writing as well. Also, the class culture of collaboration was invaluable to my growth as a writer. The fun writing games that we played made this class one I looked forward to every day when I took it last year.

APUSH: My (Tommy Bellaire’s) favorite non-elective course so far at WHS has been AP United States History. Although the workload for this class can often be a little much, as a history-philiac, I love the insights and complex motives that are explored in this class, as we discuss not what, but how and why things happened in American History. The essays and class discussions in this class are also super interesting.