Federal Immigration Policy Debate

Many have considered this their last chance to make or break immigration reform.
We could either create a border wall as proposed by President Trump or open this country
to dreamers. Many Senate Republicans have been against the Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals program (DACA), as proposed by President Obama in 2012, which protects minors.
act currently protects 800,000 from immediate deportation.  Republicans, led by House
Speaker Paul Ryan, have worked to try and get a bill together to help the dreamers while still
securing the border by adding more ICE agents. ICE, or the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement, protects up to 80 miles away from any border (land or water) by working
against illegal border crossings. This is a shock to many, given that, according to the New
York Times, immigration capture rates along the border have been down 40%. Meanwhile
in the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing against all movements for a bill,
with the exception of a Republican bill designed to destroy the DACA program. Additionally,
President Trump has pushed his agenda down on Congress. His administration has driven to
fix DACA in exchange for a border wall along the entire US-Mexico border, from California to
Texas. This plan to create an 1,954 mile wall has been repeatedly fought against by citizens
who are determined to protect the environment near the border. A border wall would increase
the need to expand ICE as illegal immigrants are still able to swim and fly into the US.
This complex issue makes it very difficult to find one solution to a long-debated, painstaking