Club Spotlight: JSA Debate Club

The club funds most of the travel expenses for students, who can travel to these conventions
to meet new people, debate, and share their view on a multitude of problems. These
conventions can last one to two days, as a result, students must make their own decisions
without their parents, and that is a great way for students to mature and become more

There are three overnight conventions annually, where hundreds of passionate young leaders
learn to develop statesmanship and responsible citizenship by engaging in political discourse
and respectfully debating on public policy. Members will participate in activism related
activities and civil service as cleaning up the park and raising money for charities. By doing
so, they will build relationships, leadership, and cooperation skills. Also, students holding
positions in the organization as moderators and logistics agents will learn real-world skills
as time-management, logistics, and law. These conventions invite important political figures
as senators and state-representatives to speak to the students about current day issues;
these important figures will inspire students to participate more in their community.
The club is eager for new dedicated members!

The Winchester JSA debate club meets on every Wednesday afternoon 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  
The club also has a Facebook page, where the club’s officers post weekly updates, debates,
and the context of the debates. Students on the Facebook page vote for our weekly debates.
There will be snacks.