What the Later Start Time Means for Students

Another change brought on by the shift in the school start time is a later dismissal time
which will be an adjustment for students. Instead of getting out at 2:15 pm, the high school
will now get out at 3:07 pm. For our entire school career up to this point, school has ended
sometime around 2:15 pm, with slight variations from school to school. Even though the day
is about the same length, getting to three o’clock before school ends will be a shift in what
we as students are used to. On the bright side, seniors with open ends will have more time
to sleep in, regardless of when their open block is. They will either be able to arrive to school
at about 10:00 am or leave at 2:00 pm. Another piece of student life that will be impacted
by this schedule change is sports practice. With the pushed school day, sports will be starting
later. For the outdoor sports, trying to fight the daylight could be a potential conflict if the town
does not have enough lights. However, in reality, the later dismissal time will only impact
fall sports, as most sports in the winter practice and compete indoors and the spring sports
benefit from later sunsets. Although the later school start time will lead to changes for sports
teams, for many students, it is a small price to pay for extra sleep in the morning and
potential better school performance as a result.

Another change that will impact students is a new bell schedule. While initially learning new
start and end times for class blocks may be challenging, it is something that the school will
adapt to together. Getting out of the routine that so many of us have known for our entire
high school experience will be an adjustment until we become acquainted with the new
periods blocks.The first few months are going to require many glances at the new bell
schedule. As from our experience with the WIN block schedule change, the day feels much
longer when you do not know the time each class ends. However, class length will not be
impacted and students and teachers will eventually adapt to the changes. Fortunately,
it will not impact the amount of learning that we pack in each class period. As this school
year is coming to an end, WHS students and staff are quickly approaching the beginning
of the new school start time. With this in mind we must be prepared to face the positives
and negatives of this change in our everyday lives.