It has over 30 million songs available to its subscribers and provides the option of owning
a free or premium account. By paying a monthly fee of $9.99, premium members can listen
to higher quality music ad-free. Although Spotify boasts the most subscribers, first place
does not come without competition. Despite launching a little under two years ago, Apple
Music has grown to 20 million paid users, therefore growing at a faster rate than Spotify.
Apple Music members have 40 million songs at their fingertips, compared to Spotify’s
selection of 30 million. To close this gap between the two services, Spotify reportedly
adds 20,000 songs a day. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify gives you the ability to follow friends,
see what music they are listening to, and access their playlists. Even with Spotify’s massive
popularity, there are still some artists, including Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift, who have
not allowed Spotify access to their music. For the future, Spotify is redesigning the app to
have a cleaner looking play screen, and the company is hoping to continue to build its
subscriptions in order to keep up with the increasing competition.