On Thursday, March 16th, almost two weeks after his initial tweet, President Trump made
a statement saying that he continues to stand by his claim. There has still been no evidence
to suggest that the wiretapping actually happened. According to Trump, he got his information
from the “failing” New York Times, rather than asking the more credible federal intelligence
agencies. The New York Times article Trump may have referenced simply uses the word
“wiretap” in the title of the article, and does not state that Obama wiretapped any phones
in the White House.

In the same tweet, Trump related the incident to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.
Watergate was an attempted cover-up by the Nixon administration of a break-in at the
Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Complex in Washington D.C. The scandal
escalated and resulted in President Nixon’s resignation. President Trump directly insinuated
that our former president had been involved in illegal activities, which is an extremely
serious allegation. This is only one of many allegations Trump has made against the
former president in his few weeks in office.