Club Spotlight: Winchester Model UN Club

This month’s club spotlight is on the school’s Model United Nations Club! Model UN is about simulating the UN through debating prevalent global issues and writing resolutions to help solve them. In addition to biweekly meetings, the club attends overnight conferences. HMUN and BosMUN are held in downtown Boston every year, and NHSMUN is held in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. These overnight conferences are lots of fun, for not only do you get to debate interesting topics, but you also get to meet many other passionate students from all over the country and world. Club President Izzy Ma, who is also a senior at WHS, recounts, “This past weekend at NHSMUN, I met with and befriended students from California, Lebanon, Canada, and Columbia! It was super cool, and I love the fact we get to interact with international students at
conferences, it’s something that you never really get to do in Winchester.

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Best Class: American Studies!

For those of you who are not familiar with it, American Studies is an interdisciplinary course for juniors involving history, English, and music that spans a double block class. “Am Studs”, instead of individually focusing on each aspect of American history, coherently connects culture, art, and other important parts of Americans’ daily lives.

If you have ever heard of Am Studs, then you probably have heard that it is a stressful
class with a heavy workload. Yes, the class is a lot of work and requires a large input of
effort; however, it is completely worth it. The class is incredibly interesting.

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NHD Reflection

Every year, the sophomore honors history students at WHS are assigned one big project that counts for a significant portion of their second quarter grade. “National History Day,” or “NHD” as the project is called, is a national competition in which high school and middle school students vigorously research and create exhibits, essays, websites, documentaries, or performances, to accurately reflect each year’s theme presented by the NHD organization. Every year, over half a million students and 30,000 teachers participate in this competition.

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