New School Start Time

As seen with our school’s latest edition of WIN Block, the school administration is taking
strides to try and help reduce the stress of WHS students. This includes voting to push the high
school’s start time to 8:30. The later start time is supposed to help students get more sleep
and help improve their academics, since teenagers start process information and learn better
at a later time in the morning, as opposed to younger students in elementary school.

It seems like a winning situation for the students, but not everyone is happy with this push
back in the morning. The later start time means that students will also be dismissed from
school later, at 3:07 PM. Many after school sports and clubs will also have to be pushed back
because of the timing, and this hour lost after school feels much more productive than the
hour gained before school to many students and family members in the town.

Teachers and parents are also struggling with their commuting options for this later hour, as
the traffic tends to worsen by 3 PM. Furthermore, older siblings need to pick up and care for
younger siblings who will now be leaving school before them.

Whether the later start time will actually improve student academics at the school or not
and if the pros will outweigh the cons, we will all find out next year.