Newspaper Club

With manageable commitments and deadlines, and awe-inspiring editors, the newspaper club
is obviously the best club to be involved in. The layout team’s fire chemistry is undeniable not
to mention the skillful organization of the editors in chief who never fail to bring the newspaper
to readers each month.

Despite the hard work that goes into this, the staff is willing to do it for the betterment of the
greater public. That being said, the Red and Black is looking for more writers!
The newspaper wants to hear the opinions and experience the writing styles of all the
WHS students.

This is not your typical english writing assignment and under the five different sections of
the paper, there are endless topics to contribute. You can choose one of many suggested
topics or think of one of your own. If you enjoy attending school events and want to inform
other students of them, want to spread the word on a new club or write a teacher shout out,
the newspaper is a great place to let your fellow students know. The staff is always looking
for new perspectives and writers and it is an impressive activity that looks good on your
resume. After being a writer you can attain one of the many leadership positions which allow
you to understand and contribute to different aspects of the paper. The sign up meetings are
about once a month and with so many positions to offer, the newspaper is sure to be your
favorite club of your high school experience. To get on the email list, email and join our fire team.