Should WHS teachers stay bound to a dress code?

Teachers’ outfits range from the informal attire of Mr. Ruderman to the business casual of Mr. Trakimas. They reflect the nature of the teacher, and it is always interesting to see the relationship between the teacher’s attire and their personality (especially Mr. Trakimas’ collection of ties). It would be a shame to impose a dress code and lose the uniqueness of their outfits.

Even if teachers were willing to give up their unique outfits, there is a severe logistical issue. The rooms around the school are different temperatures. Some rooms require a full winter coat to sit in, and others require short sleeves and shorts in the summer. Standardizing outfits would mean that some teachers may not be able to dress according to the temperature of their room.

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WHS Students Prefer Competitive Sports To Working Out

This week, I asked WHS students if they prefered working out or competitive sports to stay fit. My expectation was that many students were going to answer that they liked both, or that their opinion was neutral, as most high school students are quite indecisive. To my surprise, only two students answered “can I choose both” on my poll.

Of the 62 students who were questioned, only 19.4% of student said that they preferred working out to stay fit over competitive sports. The other 80.6% of students were on the competitive sports side, and most answered “definitely yes” or “of course sports.” The students whom I questioned were an even mix of school athletes and those who do not participate in school sports, from multiple grade levels, and most had a fixed opinion based on their physical activity of choice. Though most student athletes did not answer that they liked both working out and competitive sports, there was a consensus that working out was a good way to stay fit in the offseason.

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Why Do People Love Hockey?

Ice hockey is the second smallest of the “big four” sports. However, in the Boston area,
it is easily one of the most popular. Men and women of all ages enjoy the game either
by playing or rooting for their favorite team. It begs the question: what makes hockey
so great?

To some, it is the game’s speed. Players like Brayden Point, Jack Eichel, and the ever-dazzling Connor McDavid have been clocked in excess of twenty miles per hour. The players with the league’s most brutal slap shots can fire the puck faster than an MLB pitcher’s best heater. To others, it is the players. Hockey is a game of balance.

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