Best Courses at Winchester High School

By: Tommy Bellaire

What courses should I take next year? This question plagues the mind of all rising high school students every February, as Aspen forms and level recommendations become the talk of the school. Students always are questioning what classes are the best to take, so the Red and Black has asked and compiled a list of rising and current seniors’ favorites.

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Is WIN Block A Winner?

By: Hailey Donato

WIN block, or Community Hour, is a great new opportunity for students at WHS to spend time doing what they think will be beneficial to themselves. Some people may think WIN block is just a study hall, but it is actually much more than that. WIN block is a good time for students to meet with a teacher, relax, study for a test, or try one of the many activities offered. These activities include, but are not limited to, yoga, going to the gym or fitness center, meditation, martial arts, CTC projects, or spending time with the WHS therapy dog, Rosie.

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Should the Cap on AP Classes be Put to a Stop?

By: Elizabeth Si

With student stress under more scrutiny than ever before, solutions to try and reduce the pressures of school are being considered increasingly. One of these solutions to potentially reduce stress on students is a cap on how many APs students are allowed to take during the school year. AP classes are college level courses, and they are the highest level courses offered at WHS. It may seem logical to reduce student stress by limiting the amount of AP classes students are allowed to take.

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