Confronting Climate Change: Now is Already Too Late

The most pressing issue we now face might also be the hardest to combat. Climate change, also known as global warming, is the rise of average global surface temperatures. This phenomenon is widely considered to be anthropogenic, or human-derived. Without effective, immediate action, the pristine state of planet Earth as we know it could become a nostalgic thing of the past. NASA has cited extreme droughts, intense hurricanes, extended heat waves, rising sea levels, melting ice in the Arctic, food shortages, wildfires, and severe flooding as impending results of climate change.

An October United Nations report estimated that the average global surface temperature will rise 1.5℃ (2.7℉) rise in temperature by the year 2040. While this number may appear to be small, many climatologists agree that it has become the new threshold for the “most severe” effects of climate change. If our planet sees any greater than an 8℉ increase in average global surface temperature, it will no longer be able to sustain a large human population.

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Is Good Grammar Necessary?


When asked the question “Is good grammar necessary?” one may think of their English class… but using proper grammar is so much more than your average English assignments. Throughout all our years in school, the importance of grammar is rarely discussed. But using proper grammar helps you sound more educated when talking to other people. Say you are going on a job interview: do you really want your new potential boss thinking how poor your English is? Didn’t think so. Or maybe you’re meeting your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) parents for the first time… then you really don’t want them thinking you speak English poorly. Good grammar is a necessity because it shows the people around you that you have a good education under your belt. Additionally, you will sound much better and people will take what you are saying more seriously if you sound like you know what you are talking about! As tiring and annoying as it may get when you get points taken off of your essay for improper grammar… your teachers are just looking out for you in the long run and want you to succeed! Even though people should not judge you based off of just one slip up of improper grammar, you should try your best to make it so you’re using proper grammar. This way you can sound as educated as they are. Especially the students of Winchester High School; we know what is proper grammar and what is not, so let's use it correctly! With that said, we all know slang terms, such as “tea, ain’t, shook and bet”, are not proper grammar. In the situations where slang terms are used with our close peers or with people that know you are joking, then proper grammar is not necessary. Overall, using proper grammar shows the people around you that you have received a good education, and it makes you sound more mature all around!