Club Shout Out: Science Olympiad!

So how is the club structured? Well, leading up to the annual statewide competition, the club participates in monthly regional competitions, or “regionals.” Leading up to each regional meet, which is usually on the second Thursday of each month, members will choose one of the four events offered at the regional in which to compete. The first week is an introduction to each event, the second being the tryout tests for each event, and the third week being the study meeting, where members prepare for the regional competition. Although this may sound intense, it really is not, as an anonymous club member described, because the “meetings tend to be super chill” and are normally “discussion based and fun, as opposed to a classroom setting.”

Although the club may sound daunting to those who tend to shy away from the STEM curricula offered at the high school, the club is more of a social club where students who are interested in STEM can meet, learn, and grow together. As said by Tommy Bellaire, a junior and officer of the club, “Science Olympiad is so much fun not only because you get to learn about [subjects] that are not taught in the classroom, but also because you get to meet a lot of cool people who share your interests.”

If joining a fun, STEM based club sounds interesting to you, join the WHS Science Olympiad Facebook group or just show up to the next meeting. Meetings for this club take place every Friday from 5:30-7:30 PM in B208!