Should the Cap on AP Classes be Put to a Stop?

AP courses require a great deal of time and effort, so limiting the amount of these courses could decrease the amount of stress on students. However, this is not an effective way to reduce stress. Students should be able to decide how many AP classes cause too much stress for them on their own. Everyone has a different threshold for how much stress they can handle and how much time they have to invest in different activities. Students who do many out of school activities may find themselves overwhelmed by more than two APs, and so the limit on the amount of APs would force them to manage themselves, which would help reduce their stress. However, for students who do not do many out of school activities or handle their time very well, reducing the amount of APs they are allowed to take does not help reduce stress-- it merely limits how much students can challenge themselves to do their best and strive in higher level courses. Especially since many students are interested in taking AP level courses so they can get college credit or put AP scores on their college applications, limiting APs would not reduce stress overall, it would just limit students. As rising young adults, students should be guided in the right direction, but not by instating limits. Students should be trusted to determine their own limits and allowed to strive for their best.