Top 5 Rappers

Drake- while some might criticize Drake for his lyrics or his rapping skill, his popularity and
impact on rap is undeniable and generational. Drake made the improbable change of careers
from a teen actor on Degrassi to one of the most influential rappers ever. Drake’s songs range
from reflective to upbeat to even melancholy at times. He has been the subject of countless
memes and his relevance to pop culture is unmatched in the rap world. In addition, he has his
own clothing and merchandise line, OVO, and has a collaboration with Jordan brand to release
his take on Jordan’s most coveted models.

J. Cole- J. Cole has been out of the spotlight in recent years but his impact on the rap game is
undeniable. His album 2017 Forest Hills Drive was one of the best rap albums in history and
it was extraordinarily well received despite lacking any radio singles or features, which are
common in rap. He is also one of the most lyrically skilled rappers in recent years, spitting
alongside Kendrick. His lyrics are probably the most complex out of any rapper and they
touch on a variety of issues from growing up poor to being grateful for being alive.
Overall, his music has a positive vibe with complex undertones that add to the
meaning behind it.

Post Malone- while he straddles the line between rapper and singer, Post Malone has
embraced his place in the rap community. Post Malone has blown up over the past two years,
releasing hit after hit. His songs White Iverson, Congratulations, and Rockstar have made him
a household name. His songs have catchy and feel good sound that have made him one of the
most popular modern rappers. His talent in singing and rapping adds to his popularity to land
him on this list.

Lil Uzi Vert- Lil Uzi might be the most controversial rapper to be included on this list. His
classification as a “mumble rapper” has turned some listeners off from liking his music.
So called “mumble rap” is the most popular genre of rap right now and it looks like it is
here to stay. As arguably the most popular rapper of this style, Lil Uzi deserves a spot
on this list. He faces stiff competition in this field from the likes of Migos, Lil Yachty, and
Young Thug. Lil Uzi has a range of talents that can’t be reproduced. His signature sound
makes any song sound good and his popularity is undeniable after the release of XO Tour
Llif3, which is widely regarded as the best rap song of 2017.