Is WIN Block A Winner?

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Rosie with my friends during WIN block, and it was a refreshing break from our stressful classes. I highly recommend visiting Rosie, and I look forward to trying out some of the other activities as well.

Furthermore, some students at WHS have schedules that do not permit a study hall block. For them, WIN block can be used as a study hall. Additionally, students not interested in the activities can use it as a study hall.

Students working on group projects can utilize this time to get together, which is convenient because busy after school schedules are very difficult to coordinate. The pass system is an organized and efficient way for students to leave their assigned classrooms and try any of these activities, or meet with a teacher. Not only is WIN block beneficial to students, it is also helpful for teachers. Teachers can catch up on grading or give a make-up test to a student who would otherwise have to come in before school or after school. Additionally, teachers are there to support their students and can form invaluable bonds with students they don’t even teach.

During the most recent WIN block, students were allowed to visit an elective fair, where there were dedicated booths for different elective class options students can take next year. Before WIN block was established, students would miss class time to attend assemblies. As a result, some classes would be further behind than others, making it harder for teachers to schedule tests and quizzes. Now assemblies can be held during WIN block, and classroom time is not impacted. WIN block is definitely a winner and I hope to see WHS continue with this valuable program.