A Brief Interview with Mr. Buford

I recently conducted an interview with Mr. Joel Buford, who is the choir program director here at WHS. Mr. Buford expressed his thoughts on the recent growth of the choir and a few of his goals for the program this school year. In addition, Mr. Buford also shared details of events planned not only for the choir program, but for the music department as a whole.


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Wind River Review

Though the era of the American Frontier has long since passed, the spirit of living on the edge of the unknown lingers in many parts of the country. A gray morality, punctured by acts of savagery and a unique interpretation of justice, permeates these isolated lands with people living by their own sets of codes. Taylor Sheridan, the writer of “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water,” tackles that theme again in his directorial debut “Wind River”.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony