Are kids too attached to their screens?

While Internet addiction is not yet considered a clinical diagnosis here in the U.S., there’s no question that American youth are plugged in and tuned out for much more hours of the day than experts consider healthy for normal development. Heavy use of electronic media can have significant negative effects on children’s behavior, health and school performance. Those who watch a lot of violence, common in many popular video games, can become immune to it and consequently more inclined to act violently themselves. Furthermore, schoolwork can suffer when media time infringes on reading and studying. Moreover, the sedentary nature of electronics— along with the ads for high-calorie fare — can foster unhealthy weights among the nation’s youth.

Faced with this knowledge, we, as a society, should impress that we will be attached to our phones sometime in our life and learn to overcome this problem. By struggling with a minor addiction, people will learn to adapt, appreciate life more, evaluate themselves, schedule their time, and learn from their consequences.