How Good of a School is WHS?

By: Robert McCarrick

At WHS, it’s a running joke that we are “THE Winchester High School”. But are we a cut above other schools? Or are we just average?

According to Schooldigger, a website that ranks schools based on a number of factors, Winchester High School is placed at a solid 27th out of 340 Massachusetts public schools. Academically, WHS performs very well, consistently scoring in the 10th percentile on MCAS for over 15 years. In addition, Winchester High School had a 99.8% English proficiency, 98.2% in math, and 55% of the graduating class had taken an AP course, around 11 percentile points higher than the state average of 44%, in 2017. Winchester High also has very small classes, around 14 students per class on average, which means teachers are more easily accessible for extra help when they are needed.

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Club Shout Out: Science Olympiad!

By: Camille Xiang

While the high school offers a variety of STEM courses, there is no doubt a lack of opportunities for students who have interests in more integrated or specific sciences such as astronomy. In order to close this gap between students and their interests, Justin Yu, a senior, founded the Science Olympiad Club during his freshman year.

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