Snow Laughing Matter: What Makes Up a Snow Day?

It’s December! With December comes the beginning of winter, and with winter in New England comes snow -- and lots of it. This means that, throughout the winter and (sometimes) into spring, winter weather will make holding classes untenable on some days, causing the district to call a snow day. In many cases, the criteria for a snow day might seem random: on some occasions, school will be cancelled with only a dusting of snow, while in other instances, school will open normally with six inches on the ground. As students gear up to brave the cold or bank (get it?) on snowy weather, the Red and Black has analyzed what actually warrants a snow day

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How much spirit does WHS really have?

You may realize that Winchester High School does not have a homecoming week, seasonal dances or any of the other exciting high school events that you see on TV. Teachers and parents have explained before that when the school tries to organize these things, students will often not participate because it is seen as “lame.” When asking the question “How much school pep do we have?” everyone’s response would be “Not a whole lot!”

Yet people are still disappointed when few show up as a meme for “meme day” or in American colors during spirit half week. If everyone decided one day that we would all participate in these school spirit days, teachers and student council would be more likely to provide us with fun days like these! It is not fair for us to complain about not being given enough “fun school spirit days” when we are given these days and choose to not take advantage of them and go all out!

I believe that we have very little school pep, which is upsetting because it is a missed opportunity to bring us closer as a school! If we all stopped caring about what other people are going to think of us and tried harder to have fun and enjoy the things around us, then everyone would enjoy life so much more. I know people personally who had great meme day ideas but were too scared to execute them because of what other people might think of them. I believe that as a school we all need to let go of our fears and participate in the school activities that are provided for us, so we will be given more days in the future once administration and student council see how happy they make us! So, next time our class officers tell us about the fun, new day they are planning, tell your friends to join in the fun and have more school spirit! Go Sachems!